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Weaver Wireless offers a full line of Cellhelmet® products for phones and tablets, Vivint® smart home automation products, and much more.

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Weaver Wireless offers products and accessories including:

Phones, Tablets & Mobile Devices

  • Cellhelmet® LiquidGlass Pro+

  • Cellhelmet® 10 Ft. Apple Lightning Cable

  • Cellhelmet® 10 Ft. Type C Lightning Cable

  • Cellhelmet® 10200 mAh Power Bank

  • Cellhelmet® 360 Degree Magnetic Mount

  • Cellhelmet® Car & USB 3 Port Charger

  • Cellhelmet® Car + Apple Lightning 3 Port Charger

  • Key Chain Charger for Apple / Android

  • And other unique mobile device accessories. Contact us for details.

    Cellhelmet® carries a lifetime guarantee on most products. Visit our website to shop our online store for accessories.

Smart Home Automation (Utilizes Interactive Tablet Display Monitor)

  • Vivint® Smart Home Security Doorbell Camera

  • Vivint® Wireless Thermostat Control

  • Vivint® Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

  • Vivint® Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Vivint® Motion Sensors

  • Vivint® Glassbreak Sensors

GRADE A pre-owned Device program

Weaver Wireless sells pre-owned devices such as cell phones, Apple watches, iPads and tablets in excellent or mint condition. Ask us for more details. (In stock items vary)

buy-back program

We offer a Buy Back Program for your old phones and tablets. Our program guarantees a 14-day turnaround from the time the device is received.

Buy-Back Program